Why You Should Visit Brooklyn, New York

When most people think about visiting the great state of New York, they tend to think about New York City or Manhattan. Brooklyn is often a city that is overlooked for tourist attractions, but this borough really has a lot to offer. There are tons of things to do and see while you are in the amazing area. Below you will learn more information about what lies in wait for you in Brooklyn.

Waterfront Stroll

The Manhattan Bridge is a huge attraction, but Cobblestone Street located underneath the bridge is often overlooked. You can take a waterfront stroll that will lead you right to the street. Located underneath the bridge are small shops and shiny new condo buildings that you can enjoy. Pick up a little souvenir to take home with you, while you are there.

Saint Ann’s Warehouse

Also located underneath the bridge is Saint Ann’s Warehouse. This is a theatre that has been home to the arts scene in Brooklyn for over three decades. You will be able to catch wide variety of acts here for a great low price.


If you are not familiar with subway systems, you are going to have to get used to them, because this will be the only way to travel around Brooklyn. You also have taxis available to you, but the subway system is far for efficient. However, during the late hours of the night you should know that the taxis and subway system could be sporadic. So, if you are in need of reliable transportation during the late hours of the night you should get in touch with Metroline.


Art Enthusiasts


If you are searching for a place that has some hidden New York art, you will want to schedule a trip to DUMBO. While the locals know this area by this acronym, newcomers will not, but it stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”. This area is located near the riverfront and is filled with small lofts that are occupied by inspiring artist.

Brooklyn Cuisine


New Yorkers enjoy just about any type of cuisine, but they love their pizza and hot dogs. If you are looking for a special restaurant that will offer a delightful full course meal, you should head down to Fort Greene. This area has some of the best restaurants in New York, especially Brooklyn and if you are lucky, you can even catch a live concert, if you are visiting when the Next Wave Festival is happening.