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Hot Roof Specialists in Brooklyn, NY

If you have recently been in the market for a new roof or repair there is a good chance that you have come across something called the hot roof. Maybe you are somewhat familiar with this type of roof. Maybe you have never heard of it before. Whatever the situation is, there is simply no denying that this type of roofing system is becoming more and more popular amongst Brooklyn homeowners. And, this is because these types of roofs come with numerous benefits and advantages. We are one of the foremost hot roof specialists in Brooklyn, NY, as we not only have the tools, but the expertise to handle all your hot roof needs.

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Extends The Home’s Thermal Envelope

One of the most impressive things about the hot roof is that it is a system that actually extends the home’s thermal envelope. Not only does it extend it, but it extends it to include the attic. In New York and the surrounding areas, it is not uncommon to find essential equipment installed in the home’s attic. Whether it is ductwork or water pipes, these applications can experience major problems when installed in unconditioned attics. The chief problem would be frozen pipes during the winter. Another major problem with unconditioned spaces is energy loss. If ductwork is installed in an unconditioned space it means that the system will have to work harder and longer to satisfy the temperature in the home.

Increased Comfort With Hot Roofs

Another major advantage of hot roofs is that they are going to increase the over quality of life in the home. When there are temperature and pressure fluctuations in the attic it will not only affect the attic, but it will affect the rest of the home as well. This might commonly show up as hot spots in some of the rooms that are located under the attic. For instance, if your attic is unconditioned or not conditioned well enough and the bedroom is located below it, you will more than likely experience cooler temperatures in this room during the winter. During the summer, you might experience warmer than normal temperatures, while the rest of the home will be suitable.

This is a potential situation that could not only be troubling, but it could raise your energy costs. We are Brooklyn NY’s top resource for hot roofs and we can tell you that increased comfort in the home is going to mean overall better quality of life.

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Added Storage Or Living Space

The attic is without a doubt one of the best storage spots in the home. Not only this, but it is a space that can be converted into a livable area. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do either if your attic isn’t conditioned. This is something that we can handle for you during the roof installation. We will ensure that your roof is conditioned properly so that you can use it for storage, convert it into a bedroom, or turn it into a man cave.

Services That We Provide

Here is a list of hot roof services that we are capable of providing.

  • Hot roof retrofitting
  • New hot roof installations
  • Installing spray foam insulation
  • Installing attic insulation

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