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Windows are without a doubt one of the key components of any home. Most homeowners know that they allow a certain amount of natural beauty and sunlight in the home, but they just don’t understand the true importance of windows. Windows not only let sunlight in the home but can help with energy efficiency rating as well. That’s right, during the summer just crank open a window or two rather than turning on the AC and you’ll save yourself a bundle. All that aside, if your windows aren’t installed and sealed properly, you are missing out. This is why it is imperative to choose a window installation service in Brooklyn NY that is going to guarantee a professional job. Check out some of the window systems that our company is familiar with.

Awning Windows

Awning windows really are beautiful and offer a kind of natural light into the home that you wouldn’t normally get with other types of windows. These windows feature a crank handle that is used to open and close the window. In addition to this, they open from the bottom out as you turn the crank. We usually like to mull them on a continuous frame and install them above and below other windows just to complement them. With their superb energy performance and maintenance properties, these windows are perfect for any room that needs a little extra sunlight or airflow.

Basement Windows

As probably guessed, basement windows are going to be added to the basement. These unique little windows are designed with a smaller and more rectangular frame than what you would traditionally find on most windows. That being said, it really is their slim and sleek profile that gives them their overall unique appearance. These windows usually feature a single hinged sash that will open the window from inside out. We like to install these windows at ground level. Their superior weather-stripping helps these windows fend against harsh elements of the outside environment that you need to keep outside.

Bay Windows

When it comes to true beauty and elegance it really is hard to beat everything that the bay window has to offer. In fact, these windows are totally unique because they are a combination of windows that can expand your entire room’s horizons. These windows also come available in several styles. Some of the most popular ones that our window installation service in Brooklyn NY offer are the picture window with casement flankers or the picture window with double hung flankers. Either really is an excellent option of any Brooklyn homeowner and will more than add natural beauty to the home. Not only this, but these windows can expand your limited wall space so that you will have greater reach out into the wide world.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are also unique in their own right and offer an extension into the great outside world. These casement windows usually feature a combination of either casement windows or double-hung windows. And, what’s really unique about them is that they actually expand beyond your home’s wall where they then project outward. What’s really so unique about these types of windows is that they feature three or more successive window units that come together to form a curve.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows might look plain and traditional to some folks, but you really cannot go wrong with them. In fact, one reason that they look plain and traditional is that they are commonly used in so many homes. These windows feature a single hinged sash that utilizes a crank handle to project the window open in an outward motion. These windows can be purchased to either open to the right or to the left. Different variations will come in handy in different situations. Their water-tight seal and contemporary design really give them an overall modern look and feel.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows really make the cleaning process easy and enjoyable, as they feature two mobile sashes that can be moved either up or down. This will allow you to tilt the window so that you will have easy access. Whether it is maintenance or cleaning, this tilt feature will come in more than handy. With these easy abilities, you can keep these windows looking good and new long after their expiration date.

Garden Box Windows

Thinking about building an in-home greenhouse? Maybe you just have an indoor plant or two that you want to grow. Whatever the situation is, garden box windows are the perfect solution. These windows are actually a combination of windows that can help create ideal lighting conditions for indoor plants. The setup usually features a middle picture window that is flanked on both dies with casements. Not only this but they also usually feature a tempered glass roof.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are different than any other model mentioned here. And, this is because they do not open. That’s right, they are fixed in place. Our company likes to use these in a situation where more light and depth is needed. These windows can oftentimes be installed in combination, but there are also times when they will work just fine on their own. Whatever the situation is, you can add these windows in combination with more picture windows or even other styles to create beauty and elegance that will be hard to match.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are pretty much what the name suggests. They can either be slid to the left or right to let a little breeze into the home. Not only this, but they can also be easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes. These are without a doubt one of the most popular options amongst our customers. And, this probably has to do with the fact that they are easy to operate and nearly hassle-free. They are also ideal for hard to reach locations.

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Keep in mind that there are several more window systems available. These are just the most common ones that our company sees and handle in the Brooklyn and surrounding areas. Whether you need a repair or replacement on one of these systems, we have you covered. All you have to do is get in touch with our offices and we will respond as soon as possible.

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