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Getting A Quality Roof Replacement From Quality Roof Replacement Companies In Brooklyn

Are you located in the Brooklyn area and badly in need of a roof replacement? Maybe you are dealing with a leak. Maybe it is just time and your roof is leaks tons of air. Whatever the situation is, we are here for you. We not only have all the tools that you need to get the job done, but we can get it done with expertise. Sure, there are plenty of quality roof replacement companies in Brooklyn, but they just don’t offer what we do. Below, you will learn about some of the roofing systems that we are capable of replacing.

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Our Metal Roof Replacement In Brooklyn

Metal roofing is without a doubt one of the most popular roofing options out there. And, this is because it comes packed with tons of benefits. First, just look at the longevity of metal. This is an extremely durable material that not only reflects heat, but it is capable of withstanding the test of time. A properly sealed and installed metal roof with proper maintenance could nearly last the life of the home. Not only this, but when properly sealed, you never have to worry about water, insects, or other outside elements.

Our Asphalt Shingle Replacements

Asphalt is another popular option and this is also because it comes with a variety of benefits. Benefits that are somewhat different than that of the metal applications, but asphalt is without a doubt a viable option for any Brooklyn resident. One of the reasons that asphalt is so popular is because it is cheap. However, do not let the price deter you because a properly installed asphalt roof by a company like ours could give you nearly 20 to 30 years. We usually prefer to remove the old roofing material, lay down the new underlayment, and then lay down the new shingles, but it is entirely possible to lay shingles right over the top of the existing shingles if you aren’t experiencing any leaks or other difficulties.

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Our Shake Replacement In Brooklyn

Wood shakes do look amazing and have the ability to provide your home with a look that you won’t get anywhere else. However, there is a major downside to shake systems. And, this downside is that they require more maintenance. Luckily, we are here not only to help you maintain your roof but to handle all your shake roofing needs. During most shake installation we prefer to use special finishes just to add an extra protective layer to the roof.

Our Tile Roof Replacements

Tile is also referred to as clay or concrete. These roods are extremely resilient, but they can be extremely tricky to repair, even for an expert. Most of the time small cracks, holes, and other unwanted imperfections can be sanded, cleaned, and filled, but if the damage is anything other than minor it may take new tiles to rectify the situation. Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise to handle all your tile roofing needs.

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Rubber Roofing In Brooklyn

Unfortunately, rubber roofing can be just as tricky. And, this is because nails, heat welding, and other useful adhesives can leave the roof in worse condition than it originally was. This is why it is imperative to ensure that you are only dealing with qualified roofers if you have a rubber roof. Heck, you always want to make sure you are dealing with experts, but this is even truer when it comes to rubber or EPDM roofs.

Built-Up Roofs In Brooklyn

We see a lot of built-up roofs in Brooklyn and this is because they are known to leak frequently. Some of the most common places that leaks can be found are where the material meets the edges of structures like chimneys, eaves, and other protrusions. Blistering and bubbling is another common problem with these types of roofs, but whatever you are experiencing, we have the skills and tools to handle your needs.

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