Tips On Hiring A Roofer

Having a leaky roof can definitely be a pain, but finding a professional roofer in Brooklyn, NY can be more difficult. If you are tired of waiting on your husband or son to repair your roof, then it is time to get down to business and hire a contractor. There are many things to take into consideration, when hiring any type of service provider, but a well-informed homeowner will know exactly what to do in this cases.




Professionalism plays a huge role in how well a company can perform their duties. Customer service representatives should be very friendly and open to answering any questions that a consumer may have. The best way to determine the company professionalism level is to speak with a representative on the phone or face-to-face. During the conversation, you should ask several questions pertaining to the services provided, insurance coverage, and age of company.


Full Warranties


While many roofing contractors will offer a lifetime warranty of their products and services, others will not. You should avoid companies that offer short-term warranties, because you cannot be sure that a repair may not be required in the near future. A full lifetime warranty will be your best option and you should settle for no less. If your roof needs repaired, you will need to contact the company, and a repairman will be sent out to your home with no questions asked. This is the time of service that you will receive, if the company offers a full warranty.


Age of Company


A professional roofing company that is capable of enduring the test of time will be your best bet. Now, this is not to say that a startup company will not be able to complete the job in a timely manner, but only that a company that has been in business for a long time will have more experience. Always take the time to ask the representative the age of the company, before moving forward.


Insured or Uninsured


Since accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere, you will need to protect yourself from financial loss. If your roof gets damaged during the repair process, you will be a huge financial loss, if the company is uninsured. Always make sure that the company is covered under a suitable insurance policy, before you even consider hiring them to repair your roof.


Free Inspections 


When you first discover that your roof is leaking, you may not know where the problem lies. While it may only be a minor issued that can be repaired with a little caulk, you will need a complete inspection. By putting your faith in a professional inspector, you will know that you are going to find out what the root of the problem. Many fraudsters are always lurking around the corner to take advantage of those homeowners in need, so be sure to keep this mind.




Overall, it is genuinely not that difficult to hire a professional roofer in Brooklyn, NY. If you educate yourself on roofing repairs, you will be fully prepared for anything that comes your way.