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Tips On Traveling To Brooklyn NY During The Summer Months

Most vacationers choose to travel during the summer months, because the weather is more suitable for travel and sightseeing. When traveling to Brooklyn, NY, you will first notice that this is a borough that is located in the Big Apple. There are over two millions inhabitants residing inside of this borough, which is a significant population, when compared to other areas. Below you will discover a few tips on traveling to Brooklyn, NY during the summer months.

Travel Destinations

You have probably already devised a list of travel destinations that you plan on visiting, while you are staying in Brooklyn. It is important to note that during the summer months, these will become overcrowded with vacationers and locals. Your best bet will be to wait until afternoon around 3:00-5:00 pm, before heading to the destination. The crowds should die down after midday, so you will be able to enjoy your visit or tour in peace.

Botanical Gardens

If you are a botanical enthusiast, then you will surely want to schedule a trip to Prospect Park. This is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens, which is located in no other than Brooklyn, NY. There you will be able to scour over a few of the brownstone homes that are located in the vicinity.

Coney Island

Coney Island just happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in this borough. Here you will find the famous boardwalk and even though it is showing some signs of wear, it is still a very nice place to visit. The Cyclone continues running, even after the conflict between the government officials and locals remain strong.


Everyone loves to shop, especially in New York, so you will need to schedule an entire day to explore the downtown area. Here you will find many shops and department stores filled with name brand products, even electronic and fashion.

Peace and Quiet

Surely you will want to catch a few peaceful hours, while in Brooklyn. The Cobble Hill is a very popular area that offers sure peace and quiet. You can visit the small bookshops and restaurants within this area, so you can relax and rest your tired feet.

Brooklyn Museum

If you’re a fan or history and art, you will definitely want to take a trip to the Brooklyn Museum. Whether you’re traveling solo or plan on bringing your family along, the museum will provide you with a wonderful time. It can be found on the Eastern Parkway and is generally open from 11AM to 6PM. The times vary, so be sure to check the specifics, when planning your trip.


At the end of the day, Brooklyn is definitely a magnificent city with a magical aura. If you are looking for beautiful city to visit in New York, you should not ignore Brooklyn!


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