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When looking for a roofing contractor in Brooklyn, NY, most go to a search engine and type in things like: “roofers”, “roofing”, “roofer near me”, “roofing contractor near me”, “roof repair”. Each time you search you will find many roofers and general contractors to choose from, but who is right for you and can obtain the best possible outcome for your roof? C&D Brooklyn Roofers can help!


C&D Brooklyn Roofers Provides Brooklyn Residents With Cool Roofing Systems

Over the course of several years, massive innovations have been made to roofs and roofing materials. Many of these enhancements have been brought about, due to the growing concern of climate change. Others were discovered, because homeowners wish to keep their homes cold at a margin of the cost. Today, it is possible for homeowners to reap a wealth of benefits by making the transition to a cooler and much more efficient roofing system. C&D Brooklyn Roofers can provide Brooklyn residents with the cost-effective roofing systems that they desire. We are always willing to go above and beyond to help the client save money.

One way we do this is by offering cool roofing systems. We are willing to work directly with the client to ensure they are able to find an energy efficient roof that suits their precise budget and lifestyle. While the costs might increase slightly, it is safe to say that cool roofs will prove to be well worth the extra expense in the long run. We offer a variety of different cool roofing systems to ensure we can cater to the precise needs of different groups of individuals. More about our offerings and the benefits can be found below.

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In the past, the mass majority of roofs featured dark colors. This might not have seemed like a major problem at the time. However, it has proven to be problematic now. This is the case, because the dark materials tend to absorb the heat of the sun. In return, the extra heat can cause the home to become very hot. And of course, this will force the homeowner to run their air conditioner longer, in order to obtain the temperature that is desired. Experts also believe that the roof may actually radiate the heat back into the atmosphere causing the city to become even hotter.

C&D Brooklyn Roofers offers cool roofs that can void these problems. First and foremost, our roofs feature a much lighter color tone and this prevents the roof from absorbing the heat. This also prevents the heat from being emitted back into the atmosphere. This change might seem minor initially, but it will pay off dividends in the long run. This minute change can equate to energy savings ranging from ten to thirty percent during the summer. C&D Brooklyn Roofers strongly recommends that all Brooklyn residents strongly consider adding a cool roof to their home. There are massive benefits and they greatly outweigh the single con, the increased cost.

Roofing Contractor & Roof Leaks

For instance, the cool roofs provided by C&D Roofers are actually more durable than the alternatives. They’ll remain in pristine condition for a far longer time than their competitors. Since they’re capable of resisting the extreme temperatures, our cool roofs will age at a much slower pace. This ensures that your investment will prove to be well worth it in the long run. Are you interested in learning more about our cool roofing systems? We’re always willing to help. Contact us and we’ll happily provide you with the answers that you seek.

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